Glory be to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus



Beatified September 27, 2015

Krakow, Poland

Prayer to obtain graces
through the intercession of
Blessed Klara Szczęsna
Almighty God, source of life and holiness, I thank you for the graces bestowed on Blessed Klara Szczęsna, who trusted You completely and dedicated her life for the glory of the Most Sacred Heart of your Son.

In Christ, hidden in the Most Blessed Sacrament, she found the strength and light to discern the intentions of His Heart and to be of sacrificial service to her neighbor, giving an example of faithful love and humility.

Teach me to imitate her in her love for the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and her zeal for spreading the Kingdom of His love, and, through her intercession, hear my prayer and grant me the grace of ........  which I ask of you. Through Christ, our Lord. Amen.  
Blessed Klara Szczęsna, pray for us!
Imprimatur: Metropolitan Curia of Krakow
Krakow, June 23, 2015, No 1742/2015
Damian Muskus, Vicar General,
Fr. Kazimierz Moskala, Vice Chancellor

For graces and favors received, please contact:
Sister Servants of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
866 Cambria St., Cresson, PA 16630

(1863 - 1916)


        Ludwika Szczesna was born on July 18, 1863 in Cieszki in the Diocese of Plock, Poland, the fourth of six children born to Antony and Franciszka Szczesni. Her mother died when Ludwika was only 12 years old. Already at a young age, Ludwika decided to giver her life totally to God.

       Under pressure by her father to enter into an arranged marriage, Ludwika Szczesna left her family home secretly and went to the larger city of Mlawa. In 1886, she entered an underground religious Congregation known as the Servants of Jesus, since at that time religious orders in her region were forbidden under Russian suppression. Founded in Warsaw by Blessed Honorat Kozminski, OFM Cap, the religious Congregation's apostolic mission was to work especially among servants. In 1893, when Father Joseph Sebastian Pelczar needed Sisters to work with servants in Krakow, the superiors of the Servants of Jesus sent Ludwika, who was known to always fulfill her obligations with great zeal and love.

Blessed Klara Szczesna was a visible sign of Divine Love. Her personal motto and program of life were the words,  All for the Heart of Jesus!


Always open to the needs of others and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Ludwika shared the concerns of St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar about the lot of the servants, the poor and the sick. From this charitable apostolic initiative, came the new religious Congregation of the Sister Servants of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, of which Mother Klara became the Co-foundress, first member and superior. God's inspiration to her as well as the directives she received from the Founder of the Congregation, found permanent expression in the spirituality and apostolic mission of the Sacred Heart Sisters. Mother Klara died on February 7, 1916 at the Sisters' Motherhouse in Krakow, Poland. She was beatified on Semptember 27, 2015 at the Shrine of John Paul II in Krakow, Poland, by Angelo Cardinal Amato, Prefect for the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, with Metropolitan Archbishop of Krakow, Stanislaw Cardinal Dziwisz concelebrating with numerous bishops and priests.

“Renunciation of one’s free will requires great cost to our nature, yet in what nobler way can we exercise it, if not to return our will to him from whom we received it?”
(From Meditation I. Obedience)

"Jesus himself is the strongest reason for us to love our neighbor, since he himself loves him."
(From Meditation II. Charity)

"If you could but see the immeasurable love that he who is holiness and justice itself holds toward this person –who for you seems so unpleasant and unfriendly –with what different eyes you would view him! If you could but see with what sweet mercy Jesus regards him whom you deem so unworthy, would you not then have just a little mercy for him? If you could only know how in hurting this person you are somehow wounding the apple of the Savior’s eye!"
(From Meditation II. Charity)

"The peace of a soul in possession of itself is a participation in the glorious, unchangeable and serene calmness of God. God is the God of peace."
(From Meditation II. Charity)

"Because God is the highest holiness, a person’s holiness depends upon his union with God and his conformity to God’s will. Indeed, true love –and therefore true holiness—rests upon this."
(From Meditation I. Obedience)

"Have a threefold love: maternal love toward those whom providence places under your care, childlike love towards your superiors and sisterly love for your Sisters in God."
(From Meditation II. Charity)

"O how rarely is found a holy and perfect fraternal love! It is easy to have exclusive friends but rarely does one embrace everyone without exception. Such is impossible without sacrifice and dedication. Our love is natural, sensible, egoistic and self-interested. We do not love as Jesus has loved –loving unto the shedding of his blood while desiring no retaliation."
(From Meditation II. Charity)